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Sadly not just the 1-800 his loss shirt young…people over 60 have suffered redundancy and are not able to retire owing to the rise in pension age.Actually.Most Indians are waiting for the time when they will be kicked out from their current job so that they can try/explore other opportunities freely. Huge opportunities are waiting for them. The sad thing, but I still don’t get why everyone is so surprised. This is happening all the time during crises. I’ve seen this at least twice even in 40 something years of my own life and read a lot. This is a sad thing, a bit totally logical and expected. This is why people need the state government. When everything or working and all the right government shouldn’t be felt, but when there are times of turmoil if should stabilize the situation, protect that bedding protection. Otherwise – why we pay taxes. This ongoing Pendamic has frozen our lives and has numbed many sectors but this is also the best time to invest in oneself especially for those who are without a job. Those who have been proactive since April with either upskilling or building themselves up will have satisfaction & confidence of a certain level.

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Very soon the 1-800 his loss shirt market will open and is going to be flooded with job opportunities and current recruiters are making their pipelines for the last quarter of this year or 2021 so connecting with them right now on all online portals is a must. Keep shooting out your updated resumes. Do not waste this time. This time is GOLD. Working on one’s weaknesses and building oneself is the best thing one can do currently.

It will pay all with rich dividends. Make the best use of this adversity. This is your life so give your best shot irrespective of the circumstances your in. Remember a rolling stone gathers no moss. The pandemic lockdowns have affected the economies of several big countries including India. The inherent strength of the Indian economy would sustain it to tide over the present crisis without external help. Your channel does not seem to have anything good to report on India.


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.