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I was expecting this to 15 Kansas City Chief lover shirt to be some sort of story about divisions over race opening up and Dr. King’s legacy is under attack but is actually a tale about a municipal administration squabble. Because 2/3 of the voters didn’t want to rename a historic street and were actively upset after it was snuck through the process without a referendum or vote. I’m not saying this Hero doesn’t deserve a Memorial – he’s one of the greatest humans of the 20th century – but there are ways to do things that don’t require secrecy and skullduggery. Since I’m from Kansas City I’ll answer your question. The reason is the original street name The Paseo is a historical part of the city. Clearly, the story has traveled to other countries now. People need to know that the dissatisfaction that Kansas Citians had regarding the change was not due to race. As someone who has always supported the media and the need for good journalism, I find it disheartening that the BBC would sink so low as to promote a story sheerly for sensationalism, than for actual facts.

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That sentence does not make sense. Here’s a funny thing. One of the 15 Kansas City Chief lover shirt senators who was instrumental in pushing through the name change, has himself, a road in KC named in his honor. Why don’t we just rename that street? I live in Kansas City and have all of my life. The Paseo has been an iconic thoroughfare for many decades. It’s a well-known traffic corridor. The vast majority of people who live along the Paseo are African American.

We have several boulevards that would have been appropriate and that didn’t have the iconic status that the Paseo had. Last February, before the City Council pushed the name change through without a public vote, many people had expressed their feelings against the Paseo being the street chosen.


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