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Silly boy!! To 2020 AFC East Champions Buffalo Bills shirt be that flexible he must have a genetic collagen issue such as Marfan’s syndrome or Ehlers danlos. I have Ehlers danlos syndrome and used to do party tricks all the time when I was younger. I now have chronic pain and joints that just fall out of place. Ohhh my god, this is an unbelievable task and I can’t trust with my eyes what watch out this video. In contrast that he is doing well way smoothly because of his having great work hard as well as severely covetous or desire. I m a pensioner now, but his work out is almost identical to my loosening up session when I get out of bed in the mornings. Everyone is assuming he has a condition which he may not have. I would guess with a high probability that he has a regular physician and probably knows his body better than the rest of us. Even if someone on here is a doctor, they won’t have examined him and therefore can’t say it’s because of an abnormality. A certain percent of the population has a gene that causes this. This type of flexibility is not from the normal type of stretching but this gene. I saw him at a Cirque du Soleil show in Toronto.

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Best 2020 AFC East Champions Buffalo Bills shirt

It always freaks me out because I always think what if one day he gets stuck? 2020 AFC East Champions Buffalo Bills shirt Or does it hurt if he’s in one of his bendy positions and has to sneeze? It’s just where my mind goes. It was super amazing indeed to see his stretching power and flexibility of his entire limbs as if a jellyfish making different shapes. Hats off to his abilities! I’m a massage therapist.

He must have Ehlers Danfoss syndrome, hypermobility of joints. I think his contortions are amazing but I hope he doesn’t pay for it in later life. Yes, it’s cool, but he likely has a collagen disorder called Ehlers-Danlos that causes hypermobile joints. A future of pain, injury, and other serious complications, sadly, is ahead.


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