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What bothers me most about this clip is you don’t need 2 buffalo/oxen to 2020 lets go Buffalo Bills shirt pull a plow. The ‘technology ‘ for yoking a single ox dated back to ancient Egypt. Just 30mins with some rope, wood, and a sharp blade and you could convert that dual yoke into a single. Either this is staged or there is something seriously wrong here. For all the Brits feeling pity and suggesting to us what to Day Please go through our Budget. It is mostly farmer-centric. Aadhaar is the largest database of people in the world and many have benefitted from it. About ISRO and our space program, we have a separate budget for it and it earns for itself. Its earning is more than what we spent on it..I’m sorry he is working so hard but truly like an old farm girl, he can reconfigure his yoke and use just a single ox. Then he and his wife can take turns with the plow. Since they are single farrow plowing it will take the same amount of time. Show this to their representatives either at the village or Mandal or district or state level… They should be liable to serve him in any form. Government has to concentrate on farmers now. Enough of supporting big corporates, loan waivers, and few joker Babas..

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The 2020 lets go Buffalo Bills shirt Indian government is doing nothing. All politicians are busy filling their pockets. The Prime minister is busy making good relations with other countries and meanwhile, in his own country, people are killing each other in the name of religion caste, and creed. Please Mr. Prime Minister look into the matters of your country first. What other ID could he possibly need?
Looks like he has lived there his whole life. He needs help before he loses, the remaining five fingers. This is so disheartening…This is exactly why we need to stop demonizing GMO crops! GMO technology will help farmers like this to produce better crops using fewer pesticides, resources, and energy. Part of the key to solving global poverty is making sure people have enough to eat and GMOs are one of the best ways to accomplish that goal.


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