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Most governments of all countries are the 2020 Was Rigged shirt biggest employers of all these tech companies, if you don’t scratch the back of the hand that feeds you I don’t think you will last long. Ridicules coming out of the U.S which is the worst nation when it comes to invading other nations and waging war. That’s how they do business in the USA – and the Brexit nutters think they can do a deal with them that will benefit the UK – best of luck with that one sucker! What a bold move from the US government! This has the same impact as writing the names of those companies on a piece of paper and then burning it . Great! The world needs to stand together against the CCP for their human rights abuses and military aggressions, and IP thefts, etc.  Did you know? Right now Amnesty International is furious at the US and UK Governments and British Courts for blatant Human Rights Breaches! This is so bad for educators! A lot of websites haven’t updated their interactives yet. They are still useful for distance learning. This frustrated me SO much because there are so many free educational interactives that run on flash. We have lost a wealth of resources during distance learning.

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Julian Assange’s warm clothes are sitting downstairs and 2020 Was Rigged shirt he is literally freezing in his cell! Confirmed by his father and partner Stella! Did you also know ??? The USA is the only country in the world exempt from appearing in front of the International Court Of Law for any US War Crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan! ….

Even though Assange published US Classified Military Videos that clearly show and prove US War Crimes!  Assange is not the criminal . I remember making website animations in flash and was dead chuffed. Only to realize it was like 80MB and on dial-up, you’d be there a month trying to download it!


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