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Most will probably abstain anyway from voting for either of those puppets. All I need to 2021 goals survive forget 2020 shirt know is that we got that mental case out of the White House and into an insane asylum where he belongs. Joe Biden has been one of the most corrupt politicians in American history, He dies not to have the mental fortitude to be the leader of this country. He is a puppet for those who need him in place to continue their efforts in the cover-up of their decades of corruption and pay for play schemes. There will be people in it jumping out of the windows if Trump wins. One uses the constitution as a guide the other uses it for toilet paper.  And yet there are still US citizens who will vote for Trump. I feel so gutted! I bet you anti-Trump people feel deep shame sometimes, when you dont hate him for a minute or you heard something positive about him, and you almost believed it. Obviously, if you would stop hating him, your social connections would be in danger, because the anti-Trump standpoint is what really brings you together.

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2021 goals survive forget 2020 ladies-tee
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Why do these stupid people always say having to 2021 goals survive forget 2020 shirt show ID is voter suppression everyone has ID’s you need to buy cigarettes and get a library card you need it to drive they proved beyond a shadow of a doubt it is not voter suppression and instead voter fraud not having an ID required to vote. Yes, America, the people will decide if they want Capitalism or more Government-run Socialism in America.

This is a very serious and important election a major decision for the people to decide on America’s future. Does Biden know he can’t hide in his little bunker forever? He’s eventually going to have to answer the questions about his crack-addicted son. All I need to know is that Trump will not be re-elected. If 4 years of bs isn’t enough for the American people, I don’t know what is.


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