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We still had eight-minute fireworks at midnight on 2021 the year of hope shirt Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Instead of the usual fireworks displays at 9 pm and other 15-minute fireworks at midnight. Sydney still had our fireworks at midnight. Happy New Year to all from Sydney.Good! Diddums to everyone who is sulking cuz they can’t have a party. I dont think anyone wants another year of lockdowns and restrictions so if we all stay at home we can go back to normal quicker. I’m celebrating at home with my husband and children thankful that they are still well and thinking of all the people who have lost loved ones this year. If people thought of others more then we wouldn’t be this bad. What the hell is this headline. Seriously. Get more positive please, this affects people’s mental state! How about “despite a hard year, the new year is still celebrated around the globe” and have different stories about the fireworks, the people getting creative, zoom calls, etc. Seriously you have a responsibility! I’ve just watched New Zealand and Australia celebrating with fireworks displays so not all countries canceled them. Good!

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2021 the year of hope ladies-tee
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2021 the year of hope v-neck t-shirt
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They are letting them off in my neighborhood already, whilst my husband was walking our rescue dog. The 2021 the year of hope shirt poor dog turned & ran home, dragging my husband behind him! I was prepared for the midnight ones but not 5 pm! Those who are lucky enough not to have been affected in any way should step back and think of those who have lost a loved one this year and for them.

This new year is filled with hurt and sadness, and just need some peace and be able to just get through 2021 without the neighbours with the loudest and biggest speakers pounding so loud through there home that they end up feeling even worse just be considerate. Firework! I’m so pleased it did not happen and hoping it will never happen in the future. Firework is simply bad for the environment.


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