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Election Night this year means nothing, because of Mail-in Voting. 2021>2020 shirt Most states can’t even start counting until tomorrow. Just an FYI – there’s no way we will know who won the election by night time November 3. There are way too many mail-in and absentee ballots that need to be counted. The results of this election will take a while. I know the results won’t be in for a while, so I’m paying attention to the various other seats up for election. Those are probably even more important than the presidency. I’m from Pennsylvania, one of the important swing states. My anxiety is through the roof! I don’t love Biden but I definitely can’t live under Trump. Not after he and his administration dropped the ball on the pandemic so bad!! It’s a terrible time here! Tensions and fighting are high, even in families. Unfortunately, Americans will not be picking their next president if Trump gets his way. Trump is a dictator and will do everything in his power to make sure he continues to be president including cheating. I hope that doesn’t happen but the signs are there. Trump on the night before election day tweets to convince voters that the results of this election cannot be trusted.

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That counting votes after the 2021>2020 shirt election deadline is somehow a new thing and will result in voter fraud. Votes are always counted following election day. This is another example of voter suppression again degrading our democracy while promoting violence when the vote is tallied showing he has been voted out. I’ll be so glad when this lunatic is voted out and kicked out of the Whitehouse and onto the streets where real. patriots can deal with this traitorous president.

Trump has got to be freaking out. Without the protection of the presidency, he’s facing serious allegations as a private citizen. It’s funny how each side assumes that their side is the good side when in reality there is bad on both sides. Rather than trying to find a way to help unit us, people wanna stay divided. Everything that happens on the left happens on the right…..You can have a great economy but what good is that when its people are so far divided. Trump is the only further that divided.


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