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The 24 Arrow Celebration shirt most successful F1 driver ever gets a knighthood and people really can’t handle it can they. Were the same people upset when Stirling Moss or Andy Murray were awarded thier knighthoods despite being far less successful?Well done Covid volunteers. Why on earth Lewis Hamilton has been recognized is beyond me. He’s richly rewarded for driving a fast car as it is. In this extraordinary year, there should be a new honour, and every single person on an NHS payroll should get one, and have letters after their names to show that they have they are the real people who have made a difference. What a joke, a Knighthood for driving a car and being paid millions to do so. Then lives abroad to avoid paying taxes. Hamilton will never be the greatest, that title belongs to Schumacher.

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Think there shouldn’t have been any honors this year but a big congratulations to the 24 Arrow Celebration shirt people who have kept this country going… Dr’snurse’ss teachers shop workers and carers all been on the front line whilst these have pursued their ‘hobbies’ of acting driving and playing sport.OK he is a legend in his field but he’s only doing something that he enjoys making it his career along with many other sportsmen and women but I would have thought that 2020 with all its difficulties

Sadness and challenges has brought to the fore so many volunteers and fundraisers who have gone way beyond any expectation should have been recognized first. There is nothing British about him and he wants nothing to do with Britain…other than accepting an honour that he arrogantly put himself forward for. Live here, pay your taxes and lose the American accent, Hamilton, then maybe you deserve an award.


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