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May god give you the strength to carry on, for you, your family, and us the public, we think your doing the most amazing job without people like you we would be nothing, god bless you all .Your risking your lives to save the rest of us. Never have we needed you more than we do now. You are true angels xx.God bless you and keep you strong. What you deal with in a 3 night shifts in 4 row shirt  day must be so traumatic Virtual hug to you You and all those like you are doing an amazing job and we owe you such a huge derby of gratitude. Thank you.You are very much appreciated and I wish you didn’t have to risk your own wellbeing. As an ex nurse I know it’s a hard job in normal times I can only imagine how hard it is now. Sending you love and strength dilly dilly 49ers t shirt

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So sorry sweetheart that so many of us aren’t really understanding the enormity of this. So sorry that you have to give your all for a people who are hell bent on having their own way. Please don’t grow weary. Please continue. I pray that everyone wakens up and backs you up t shirts. Thankyou for sharing your heart. I pray it doesn’t get trampled on. Health and strength. I’m a health care worker in a nursing home on the wirral doing 12hr shifts looking after familys relatives and trying to 3 night shifts in 4 row shirt keep them safe while putting ourselves at risk because we do not have the correct ppe. I have not seen my family since the lock down and its killing me. So all you selfish people out there that think you can just go out because its sun. STAY THE FUCK HOME 49ers dilly dilly tshirts


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