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Had doxies all my life so easy to  Dachshund 4th of July the greatest celebration ever shirt housebreak all very clean but love to torment, just now tore up my grocery. a list that I worked on for an hour he chewed it up. Always wanted a dash around but decided against it because of the health problems they get with having long bodies. To have one of these dogs you need extra cash for potential vet bills. Beautiful dogs! I thought festively named sausage dogs were something like a play on Christmas-themed sausages…

Dachshund 4th of July the greatest celebration ever shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Dachshund 4th of July the greatest celebration ever hoodie
Dachshund 4th of July the greatest celebration ever ladies-tee
Dachshund 4th of July the greatest celebration ever v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Not the time to be advertising these. People will have them for the wrong reason then chucked out in January I would happily offer a home to one of these little fellows. It would be an ideal dog for our little cottage,.I didn’t know in the UK you pronounce it “Dachshund” and in the US we pronounce it “Dakshoond”. Im sure in German we both sound like fools who want to rehome one! He/she would be loved so much just like my other pooch. How do I apply? Please show the same interest to 4th of July older dogs too…

so many lovely dogs looking for homes… your life will be filled with love … Adopt don’t shop ..pleaseYeah people will adopt them not remembering they grow up, and Weiner dogs are hard-headed terrors if you don’t spend the time and effort to train them. I dog sit for these dogs and others these are the best little dogs ever I would dearly love one of my own now read somewhere they were not taking more applications they had enough to place them in a loving home. Hope they go to knowledgeable homes xI hope the rescue center receives lots of inquiries for the other ‘not so cute’ dogs in their care who are equally deserving of a forever home. I have a 6-month-old Doxie… she is the love of my life!… well socialized, yes accidents happen… my fault, I have to be on top of her potty needs… she is a snuggle bug and wants to be with me … can’t imagine life without her! These are beautiful pups and is absolutely great there’s been so many people wanting to adopt these dogs ❤️

I just wish there was such a big response to all the other dogs in rescue centers that are waiting for Dachshund 4th of July the greatest celebration ever shirt their loving forever home too ❤️I have got a dachshund. She gives me so much happiness, she has her faults, but don’t we all?!BBC…Why are you promoting Puppies so very near Xmas? Why not go to rescue centers and try and get those poor souls a home. All those Dogs in there were once adorable Puppies too, but their owners gave up on them!!! It’s absolutely heartbreaking just how many Dachshunds are Rehomed every year, mostly due to the demanding nature of the breed… Please do your research before adopting a little Doxie! I couldn’t be without my little Minnie, she is a source of happiness and full of snuggles but she is stubborn beyond words and her separation anxiety is very real, she has changed my life! Dachshunds aren’t the easiest dog to have, they’re notoriously difficult to house train, hate the rain and the cold, and suffer from separation anxiety dreadfully.
They need a huge amount of time and commitment.

Having said that, I wouldn’t be without one. Why are they rehoming them in the next few weeks just in time for Christmas? I’d say that’s a bit dangerous, do all the background checks on the potential new homes and have them wait until the new year, that way the risk of the pups being a Christmas gift that will be returned is lowered. Hope they all get the forever homes every doggo deserves

Dachshund 4th of July the greatest celebration ever shirt


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