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It was expected as we have just left the A dozen moira roses shirt most prosperous Union of societies of Planet Earth simply by choice. So the difference for UK travelers to the EU is now the same as they have to do to visit the rest of the world! Every other International traveler seems to manage and has done for many, many years. Que the blue passports and taking back control of our borders comments brigade. Hopefully, we won’t deviate too much from our current standards. I was thinking how will these people who travel so much during a pandemic with a deadly virus laying around gonna survive restrictions on traveling once Brexit is full-on! Well, we have had 3 years and no one will be going on holiday anytime soon and business travelers that will be permitted to go abroad should be organized. Anyone would think no one ever travels outside the EU from GB. Get a grip or stay at home. You’ll get used to it. You’ll have to. You don’t really have any choice. You voted to leave the EU. Did you think there would be no change to travel arrangements? How naive. Not to worry the UK will either rejoin the EU or end up joining another trade bloc in the future. The UK cannot compete on its own against the next global superpowers. Not China or India but trade blocs and private individuals.

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Some disruption for some will be redundancies…ironically as one of the A dozen moira roses shirt elite, based apparently on the fact s I voted remain, the IT services company I work for has a significantly increased pipeline due to Brexit .. not my wish but hey schadenfreude is all I have left post-Brexit. I simply do not understand how a country that depends on others for primary resources import and finished goods export (I.e.; autarchy wouldn’t work) got to this point?

How could this possibly work? It’s an honest question by a former Italian living in the US; I don’t mean to ridicule Brexit. In 2016, when Turkey turned to Russia, Britain decided to leave the European Union. Britain’s biggest enemy is undoubtedly Russia, and it certainly does not want to see the eastern Mediterranean completely controlled by the Russians.


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