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Bharati Naik This article is A woman cannot survive on wine alone shirt so misleading. It makes it sound like animals are enjoying being kept caged away from their natural habitat in the wild. We have attempted to change animal behavior by introducing them to humans for our own benefit. No the animals don’t miss us, they would like to be where they naturally belong – in the wild. Charlotte Mallon Well this may be the case in zoos, where life is very artificial for the animals. However, the new family of crows living on my street are definitely not missing humans, or feeling lonely! In fact, they appear to be having a wonderful time without cars, noise, or pollution! Bianca Tobol They should release the animals into nature.

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We stayed for 2 months in quarantine ( covid -19 ) and It is bad and depressing. I can’t imagine these animals that live all their life in cages. Paul Astell All of  A woman cannot survive on wine alone shirt these comments about releasing the animals into the wild. Guys, they’d mostly die in a few weeks through lack of skills, they wouldn’t know how to survive in the wild. Not to mention many of them come from places where “the wild” is a far worse place to be, due to poaching and environmental destruction, etc. In an ideal world, sure, it’d be great to see them thriving where they belong, but a well-run zoo with plenty of space, stimulation, and caring staff is better for them in today’s world. More like enjoying the peace and quiet. Newpapers make me laugh… in fact think abt it this way. If we have learned anything about quarantine, can it be to let the animals free now?


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