Abbey Road the Rolling Stones shirt


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Tom LeBeau Favorite song on Abbey Road the Rolling Stones shirt that album, “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” One of the first uses of the Moog Synthesizer was “I want youShe’s so heavy. My favorite Beatles album. They pioneered so many instruments on that album. It’s amazing! Pierre Mezerette In CD version yes but not better than vinyl version. Ramón Lavado Martín The same album recorded in the nineties would sound better remastered, but a sixties album must be heard from the original vinyl date Tongue In a word: YESSSSSSSSS! My favorite album! Even after tens of thousands of listenings it still sends shivers down my spine! Ellen Dawson Remastered, definitely.

Abbey Road the Rolling Stones shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Abbey Road the Rolling Stones shirt
Abbey Road the Rolling Stones shirt
Abbey Road the Rolling Stones shirt
tank top
Abbey Road the Rolling Stones shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Bonnie Warren If you’re listening to it on headphones it is. Otherwise, on a Abbey Road the Rolling Stones shirt regular stereo, it sounds about the same, which is VERY good! 🙂 Lynda Champagne What a masterpiece, the best of them all !! Dave Tongue I feel the White Album is the most improved Stereo Re-master, then Please Please Me (interestingly) though Abbey Road is better than the ’87 CD mix. The White Album is also the most interesting Mono mix as well. There is NO Mono Abbey Road, it was only ever mixed into Stereo (as was Let It Be). Abbey Road is MY favorite Album though, without a doubt. Dave Green The remastered Beatles CD’s from 2009 are easily among the ONLY CDs on the face of this earth that sound better than their Vinyl counterparts. Besides maybe Radiohead’s “OK Computer”, the 09 Beatles Remasters represent the finest digital audio to ever grace your ears.

Keith English On the pre remastered version of I Want You (She’s So Heavy), there was a click just before the guitar solo. But on the Abbey Road the Rolling Stones shirt remastered version, it’s not there. That click wasn’t a scratch in the CD or Tape or Vinyl, that was John or George flipping the pickup switch on their guitar. So I don’t really know what my answer what be for the question.BBC


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