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To this day, WWE isn’t the same without the Latino heat.. you have truly missed Eddie.. you were and always will be my favorite..I hope they do a tribute for Eddie Guerrero when doing Smackdown 1000 episodes. I always remember him & he is missed. He lied, he cheated. Viva la rasa to one of the greatest. That Addicted Eddie Guerrero shirt was captivating. Eddie was incredible and I loved watching him on TV. I just think wrestling, in general, hasn’t been the same without him. As a wrestling fan, you have no soul if you aren’t laughing, cheering and crying throughout that Addicted Eddie Guerrero shirt. The show must go on but never without Eddie in our hearts.

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They need to make a Latino heat championship or an Eddie Guerrero battle royal or tournament or the Eddie Guerrero trophy. I’ll say it until the day I die, we are all beyond lucky to have walked this earth at the Addicted Eddie Guerrero shirt as Eddie. Breaks my heart but makes me smile every time I see anything with Eddie in it. I remember when my mom woke me up because I had a call from my dad and he told me of Eddie’s passing.. I had a hard time believing it till I watched RAW that night and I cried like a baby.


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