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Kobe is more than just an NBA basketball player his dedication and AFC West Champions Kansas City Chiefs shirt work ethic and inspires the young generation to play sport why people love him RiP Gigi and Kobe and 7 others died in the tragic event. The only reason everyone else on that crash is being mourned is that Kobe was there. Short minute and is back to selling beer. I really hate corporate America . I am very glad that the BBC continues to show the Super Bowl. Hope you will continue in years to come. Thank you. Here in the US fifteen minutes from the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami seeing on TV. Hope the UK enjoys it again. Sports truly bring people together. It may not be the same sport but these players understand what it means to be passionate about a sport and about someone who played it with such grace as Kobe. Rest In Peace, Mister, and Baby Bryant.9 beautiful people died. Please learn all their names and remember them all. They all left a huge hole in the lives of their families, friends, and communities. When will this moment of silence of Kobe Bryant stop? Is he the only legend that has died? this ceremony has been taking place since last month, please let them not take our football as a memorial thing, his soul has already rested in peace. it’s enough. I dont know why bbc is so obsessed with this dude.

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Best AFC West Champions Kansas City Chiefs shirt

Literally, almost no one outside of America heard his name before. AFC West Champions Kansas City Chiefs shirt I never did. I dont who cares about those games outside of America .therefore BBCs obsession with American basketball is absolutely abysmal . Our WWII Veterans tribute was wonderful. The best commercial so far is by the NFL. Tribute to Tillman and what makes this country great. It’s those that keep up safe.

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