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Google street view/ google earth can be used in Virtual Reality and Agoraphobic nosebleed shirt is amazing for visiting places around the world. I had to be on call all the time, and my life/activities/plans/friends did not matter to this person. This relative would demand that I do this, that, and whatever else. I had been raised by a mentally ill relative, in a violent, terrible home, and needed lots of help to break away from all the abuse, manipulations, and learn to set really strong cement wall boundaries, and finally have a normal, happy life, within my own parameters. The relative finally, because I had claimed my own healthy life, and refused to see any of my family of origin, hit rock bottom, was hospitalized, and began drug therapy, counseling ect… and gained some kind of grasp of real existence. There is help. Great idea, Jacqui! For some of us who can’t afford to travel as much as we want to, perhaps this is something worth trying. You got me wanting to do it too!

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One does not need to Agoraphobic nosebleed shirt live through one’s computer program, pretending that they are involved in the outside world. This is a spiritual issue. Jacqui just has to get in a good place spiritually and that will get rid of all anxiety problems. Also, medications will complicate things and not solve anything;

Jacqui has to refocus her mind on what’s good and not bad, what’s true and not false, separate the real from the fake and anxiety problems will be solved! It really is that simple, where ever your mind is your spirit will follow. Jacqui has to set her mind and keep it set! Google Earth VR now has Street View too. So makes it even more impressive. It’s a bit fiddly though.


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