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When my first wife and I divorced, she wanted her “half.” She wanted her own Air Buksa shirt and to make all her own decisions. She does so today. When I got married again, we both got on the same page. We have a family budget where we both contribute the best we can. When my business is doing well, I put the excess in savings. When it isn’t, I have to draw down my savings and start looking for a job when it gets too low.

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Perhaps he wants to Air Buksa shirt down old debts or add to savings? If you don’t want to pay rent with your income, what are your plans? There is no “half.” You’re both 100% in. You are not going to get the answers to your family finances from some random guy on the internet. The two of you have to sit down with a notepad and write down all your monthly expenses and sources of income. You are going to have to work this out together.


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