America is my home independence day shirt



Dot Grindley Well they better come an America is my home independence day shirt and turf my 4-year-old grandson out. He’s fast mine at the moment as my daughter lives 17 miles away and is on work at 5 am in the morning. He’s staying over Thursday night as well. Lucy Jekyll I can go to work and be surrounded by two-year-olds all from different houses. But it’s a crime to go and sit in my mum’s living room Tracey Rail So my granddaughter can’t come to my house so I can look after her whilst her parents (key workers) work, but she can go to a nursery, a childminder or a nanny?! Laws that make sense are easy to abide by. It makes no sense that my granddaughter can mix with a bunch of strangers but not with me. Confused for sure…

America is my home independence day shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

America is my home independence day shirt
America is my home independence day shirt
America is my home independence day shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Carina Claridad I am exempted as I am an America is my home independence day shirt close relative of Dominic Cummings. Also, I am quite creative in making up excuses and I am sure I can invoke the Dominic Cummings rule! Mark Johnson, It’s also against the law to meet people when you’re half indoors and half outdoors. Meetings of six can include dogs but remember they carry COVID too. As do goats and paw fruit, so leave them at home!!!!! Steven Moyes Great, so most businesses must close again tomorrow as can’t have gatherings of two or more people indoors! Victoria Hind, Unfortunately, I fear no-one will be listening to this, the government lost it with the people as soon as they lined up behind that chap Cummings. BBC

Angela Kamel Rokyckyj Police can only enter property without a warrant if in pursuit of someone whos committed a serious crime or with homeowners’ permission so how they going to work it Sian Hemblade But yet kids can go back to school, more shops can open, etc!!! But my daughter cant stay with her nan and grandad or have her cousins come to a stay!! Absolute joke!! Sophie Wright Look guys, stop comparing your situations to Cummings. If you live by the rule of he did it then so can I, then ultimately you’re a hypocrite. Just accept the rules it’s a few months without physically sleeping over other houses. You can now actually see your loved ones legally, granted via social distancing but at least you have the opportunity to see and speak to your family and friends, many people have sadly lost that right due to this virus.


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