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Ndowa Nyamutambu This makes me realize how much our minds are so adapted to #tech. As a regulator of America My favorite Navy calls me Dad shirt touring company sometimes I get myself checking the GPS location of the bus, whilst the bus is just 4 seconds away from me. Oh my goodness, why I can’t use my eyes? Joseph Holmes As somebody who was in the US navy, I can say with absolute certainty, these are probably caused by accidents because complete morons were poorly trained. Amila Wickramage This is what happens when someone bullying the bully. God’s sake no one ever asked the US to be the world’s policeman. Keep your military in your country, the world will be a much peaceful place.

America My favorite Navy calls me Dad shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

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Peter Redman What real breakdown in discipline, an America My favorite Navy calls me Dad shirt real lack of control, these ships carry missiles and heavy tactical weapons in the hands of fools, that can’t see a bloody great tanker. Matthew Samsill Russia has been experimenting with technology that interferes with GPS signals. My guess is that they are behind the collisions. Jubail Mohamad Kiram The US navy ships are there of course for the safety of navigation in the South China sea according to them but I am wondering they are now the reason for the cause of the accident of the merchant ships. Justin Booker Way to go. Bet the north Koreans are shitting themselves. With laughter. I can hear Kim jong whatever double chins flapping together in sweaty fits of hilarity from here.


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