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Liz Houlton Schofield Dignified and thoughtful memorial to Angela Lansbury I killed them I killed them all shirt and commemoration of all the lives lost in the 1914-1918 war. Unlike the President of the United States who is planning (in his latest Tweet) to ‘celebrate’ the end of the war. Dignity, in stark contrast amongst world leaders…Carl Weininger How much did this war cost us in real terms, including expenditure, lost lives, lost production, etc, etc. And, what did/have we, or do we still learn from it. Not a lot judging from what happened since and from what is still happening around the world. What a waste why do people not learn, that it is only the ‘powerful’ and ‘rich’ who gain from wars. Timothy Michael Devine, Both my grandfathers fought I ww1 and thankfully survived and both my father and father in law served in ww2

Angela Lansbury, I killed them all shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

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AC Carlson Wow look at that torrential downpour (eye-roll)… there’s no way trump’s hair would have made it, so obviously honoring the Angela Lansbury I killed them I killed them all shirt armistice, the sacrifices made by Americans in WWI, and showing the world he is anything but a self-absorbed man-baby isn’t worth it. Cheryl Boxall Nearly seventy years of peace in Western Europe partly due to the European Union. It’s incredibly moving to see the heads of two of the main protagonists sharing this important anniversary. Socorro Vergeldedios Thanks to all of them who sacrificed their lives and families. May their souls be resting in heaven! Ben Farahani Wow! The Germans and the French must either have better helicopters and/or pilots, or our President is boycotting a ceremony to commemorate our fallen vets. The weather?! Really?


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