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I spoke to Apparently I’m Dramatic shirt my lovely elderly neighbor at around 12 noon yesterday wishing him a happier new year when he told me of his positive test. Such is the virulent nature of this virus, and it appalls me reading some stupid comments here in denial calling the virus a big lie! Probably and sadly, perhaps that will change those small minds! Some businesses, as well as some private individuals, are liable/responsible for increases in numbers. I’m quite sick of seeing some local takeaway shops, not adhering to covid safe protocols. Staff cooking and servicing customers not wearing any face masks or coverings, too many people in the takeaway shop waiting to collect or ordering food, ignorant stupid fools themselves. These comments are shocking. Thousands have died and many are grieving the loss of loved ones. My colleagues are working in hospitals in London buckling under the strain. This is no malarkey!

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The Apparently I’m Dramatic shirt futures of all are at stake here, including higher taxes and public expenditure costs, as the bills for covid come in and payment is demanded. Nets closing in on this malarkey, been questioning it for months. Nobody wants to see people dying. if SAGE science is the right science, why are they not prepared to have any of their decisions questioned? How is the Nightingale Hospital at Excel going to admit patients?

But then they are still opening primary schools in our area. Absolutely shocking. Need to close all schools not just some. Covid doesn’t just pick and choose which places it’s going to go to and where it isn’t. Should be keeping our children safe at times like this. Parents should at least have a choice to keep their children from school.


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