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I’ve made a New Year Resolution not to Atlanta granny kickers shirt make fun of former President Trump and I hope it will last, but as Donald says of the abacus, you can’t count on it. You sure this pic is Melanie. Face and hair are different. Must have brought on the substitute!! The headline “it’s the first time this has happened in his presidency” confused me. I thought it was referring to Melania actually holding his hand. When people stand up for what is right, democracy wins. May the values of democracy, freedom, and justice prevail around the world. Don’t need defense big defense budgets. As long as Bidens giving Russia and China access to America they won’t need to drop bombs. You”ve got to admit that there seems to be something fishy about this year’s US presidential election, many have testified for voting irregularities, batches and batches of votes for Biden that seems to be statistically impossible. Maybe there is really a “deep state” against Trump? I really can’t say. I know it’s minor, but Can we talk about how that isn’t Melania in this pic? He has used multiple body doubles for her now and no one seems to be talking about it. senate republicans get a backbone…when it is too late to matter! if only they had been there when children were put in cages or trump was turning every ally into an enemy, hence the need for more defense spending!

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This cuts Trump down to size! Just like the Atlanta granny kickers shirt judges all over the USA keep throwing out his bogus claims that the Nov 3rd presidential election was fraudulently run. Please everyone keep piling on the insults to this shitepile. He deserves endless degradation as the absolute, by far, the worst president in history.

People of the future will read of him and both gasp and laugh at the ineptitude, meanness, and narcissism of this worm.US Congress finally stand up to him when there are 18 days til the new administration! The advocates for this appalling travesty of democracy should be ashamed at their inertia and the resulting damage, all to the detriment of the American people and the free world.


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