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The parent includes his almost grown child in his hobby at last. Offspring enjoys one on one attention despite lack of Wi-Fi. (People do this pretty much all the time just for less money and without having to report on it lol)Mick Gates If you’ve got young kids and want to Autism dad of an autistic Jedi shirt show them an antidote to technology send them to Forest School- it’ll be the best thing you’ll ever do for them. And cheaper than Mongolia! Monika Hoskova I have my smartphone shut in a cupboard. I switched it for mobile phone without the internet. I hated it, cause I was always checking out the “news” around me. It was controlling me. I have 2 sons, one is tiny, but the older one is asking for tablet..he has limited time, and still enjoys playing games like monopoly, cards, etc. Hope will keep it exciting for him as long as we can

Autism dad of an autistic Jedi shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

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Jennifer Higgins This being hooked on phones and the like is not an Autism dad of an autistic Jedi shirt new concept, just a modern up to date one and is now for everyone. In the big houses back in the day they all had games rooms where usually the gents would play games all day. Then there are chess clubs and such people practiced and played all day. Nothing really changed. Emma Howes He’s 18, not a kid from this point of view. How did he get so glued to his phone in the first place? If you can just up and take a motorbike trip to Mongolia when he is 18, why didn’t you try to instill these values over the last 6 years? Weekends to Scotland, Snowdonia, the peaks???


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