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The landing was Baby Yoda chicky nuggies shirt somewhat bumpy due to a storm that had been rolling in as we approached. The airport was crowded and I barely made it to my gate in time to check-in. This particular airport has an amazing view of the almost flat area around it… which served to point out the worsening weather conditions. At the gate were a few other people, one gentleman in particular (a rather ordinary-looking man in a business suit, reading a newspaper) I will never forget. I settled myself and my backpack into a seat in the terminal and waited. She sat down and began scanning the crowd with that “deer in the headlights” look. The weather continued to worsen and the crowd continued to get larger. Lightning, thunder, horizontal rain… we were getting it all.

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Baby Yoda chicky nuggies Ladies-tee
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Baby Yoda chicky nuggies Hoodie

Call me a flawed human being, but all I could think of was the Baby Yoda chicky nuggies shirt movie “HEIDI”. The businessman lowered his newspaper to glance at us and then went back to his article, apparently satisfied that it was more interesting. She thanked me and nervously sat back to continue scanning her phrase-book. I couldn’t just do nothing (although clearly, newspaper guy was content with his role as a non-committal bystander). I got her to calm down and told her I would help. She handed me a hand-written letter from someone in Oklahoma who gave her a telephone number. I think I will wait to hear what really happened. We have already seen that the footage of George Floyd all was not as it appeared to be, and we know the damage that has caused. That’s what happens when idiots try to withhold evidence.


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