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It must be Bass guitar cool Giraffe shirt provided on a cost basis to not create a global profit mania which will also put ppl’s lives in danger because of the first to the market competition, not to help ppl but to make the most profit. Something that usually results in corruption and poor quality and maybe even deadly vaccines. First priority should b given the medical practitioners, the aged n medical fragile. well getting a vaccine first would be a good starting point. Worry about how you would get it out to everyone after that. The same way they vaccinated against polio. Every kid in my school and the teachers lined up for a shot or a sugar cube.

Bass guitar cool Giraffe shirt Hoodie, ladies-tee, v-neck-tee-shirt and tank-top

Bass guitar cool Giraffe Tank-top
Bass guitar cool Giraffe V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
Bass guitar cool Giraffe Hoodie
Bass guitar cool Giraffe Ladies-tee

It’s Bass guitar cool Giraffe shirt matter of letting those countries capable of producing the vaccine they start the work. Most people I know say they wouldn’t want the vaccine… I already know people who won’t go 8nto business premises that insist on masks. Interesting but like many crash megaprojects like Liberty ships or the Atom bomb a way will be found. Once most people over 50 have the vaccine the death rate will be so low no one will think about it anymore. They haven’t even cured a common cold or the multiple stains of Coronaviruses that have been with us for decades. Don’t expect anyone to resolve this and stop waiting; carry on. It will take time, the most vulnerable will take the vaccine first, so everyone still has to wear a mask and practice good hygiene. I won’t take any vaccine until I know it’s safe and won’t take anything this year I’ll take my chances without a vaccine. They won’t. I will not be taking a rushed vaccine for a disease with such a low mortality rate.


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.