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Batman can take a beating from Darkseid, a being that gives Superman a run for Batman Yelling at Catwoman Meme shirt and survive despite having no powers. There are currently fourteen comic books about Batman, Gotham, and Batman’s subordinates/family members in print today. If you want to read good Batman stories that don’t require “catching up” with a year or more of comics, I’d suggest staying away from the comic issues that are currently in print and reading some of the older classics of the Batman corner of the DC universe. Begin by reading Batman: Year One, written by Frank Miller. It’s an influential “reboot” of the story that took us back to Batman’s roots and the story of the first year he spent under the cowl.

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Best Batman Yelling at Catwoman Meme shirt

It influenced the movie Batman Begins. It was Batman Yelling at Catwoman Meme shirt in some kind of “super edition” or collector’s edition or something– so you can probably find it at your local comic book shop on the rack of recent hardcover releases. Batman is considered the world’s greatest detective in canon (Sherlock doesn’t exist there). He is a master of disguise, a master in escapology and even a master tracker and tactician. Bruce Wayne is still a very dangerous man stripped off his suit and belt. Batman needs a reality check on what actually happened at the end of Man of Steel. The only one Superman personally killed was Zod. Otherwise, if you cannot come up with a project idea, have a look at what other developers are building to learn React, Angular or Vue. Most of them share their efforts on one of the named consumer-friendly platforms. Let them inspire you, try to do something similar or just try to copy them. But not literally their source code.


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