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That took some strength to do that. An incredible tribute. And words of warning that hopefully will resonate with the people who are partly responsible. Loved Caroline. Tilly Vacher Love Island is not about love. Such a sad outcome for a beautiful, talented amazing young woman. Where was her support from the media? I couldn’t help but compare how Ant (from Ant & Dec) was treated after his driving incident. It’s such a cruel world out there. Love with her family and all who knew her. This is beyond tragic what has happened to Caroline Flack and I really feel for her loved ones. So sad that this brilliantly talented lady, has died. Shame on you media!! I hope that this raises more awareness of the Be Kind Caroline Flack Gift Shirt awful problems with mental illness & encourages people to speak up about their problems & get the help they need.

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The media and society need to be kinder. Fed up of seeing the constant nastiness on threads and articles… is it so difficult to be kinder more often? Have we wandered so far from our own humanity that we can’t find compassion for others or ourselves? Nobody should have to feel so utterly broken and without a Be Kind Caroline Flack Gift Shirt single glimmer of hope or light that they end their own life… the parading of vulnerable people in shows like Love Island and Big Brother… it’s like the bear-baiting days of old… this kind of mentality, in general, has to stop… we have to be better than this or we will continue to live in a country where someone takes their own life every 90 minutes… I am absolutely heartbroken about what has happened but we can make a difference in the future. It’s really not that hard.


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