Bee dad funny family shirt



Kirsty Clark My Husband has been absolutely amazing, we have Bee dad funny family shirt both been shielding for the past 10 weeks and he has been working from home. We just naturally help one another without asking and have come to have our own chores. He has also been able to spend so much time with our Son and it’s been so lovely to watch. We take turns doing work and then have a few hours before dinner to spend time in the garden as a family. I don’t know how I coped during the day before and he really appreciates what I do now that he’s home to see it. We also have a puppy so some days are trickier than others! Tracy Joan Parker Pretty even here my husband splits the cooking and cleaning with me. When I’m working its lovely to come home to a meal on the table. Credit due!!! Most men have done us proud and a big thank you to them xx

Bee dad funny family shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Bee dad funny family shirt
Bee dad funny family shirt
Bee dad funny family shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Leila Liberty Not surprised by Bee dad funny family shirt this at all. And the comments by women describing their husbands as ‘amazing’ or ‘fantastic’ just goes to demonstrate this. My husband pulls his weight but he’s not ‘amazing’. It’s his house and his kids too. It’s a partnership. Just the fact that women whose partners are doing more than most men are being viewed as heroes by their partners and society is exactly what is wrong here. Its always been the case that when women have a job outside the home that they ‘double shift’. Until there is equality in the way people see housework and childcare as actual work this won’t change, and for this to happen, more men need to do more of BBC


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