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It’s beer. Not bread or nutrition. It’s a shame but your business is based on one of the Beer Guns BBQ shirt leading causes of health issues. Maybe it’s great that the country will have a break from drinking so much! mass testing available to all is the way forward in my opinion. You test positive, you Isolate. You test negative, you carry on as normal keeping social distancing, etc in mind. With a lockdown, you just induce frustration and sadness. Really can’t understand the government’s decision, we supported our local micro pub & therefore our local small breweries during the last lockdown. Off licenses are deemed to be essential, so people can go & buy huge amounts of mass-produced ‘beer ?’Just a thought can’t you make a delivery service and sell your supplies that way..even in a lockdown people have an evening drink while watching their favorite movie. You could promote, send a gift to a friend or hospital staff or Essential worker. As a news agency, you should have brought them the incredible news of the new invention that could save them from wasting all that beer.

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It’s called Bottles. Do people really think that you just turn the Beer Guns BBQ shirt lights off when you run a pub, shop, restaurant, cafe, casino, etc? No, it takes months of hard work. I have seen pubs setting up pods outside with heaters lighting and waitress service. Restaurants setting up safe seating.

I feel for these people making so much effort to be told with a few day’s notice that they will be closing again after Rishi spunked billions of taxpayers’ money to eat out to help out. If we are going to have a lockdown at least do it properly and get the kids out of school. I don’t want to criticize the government because hardly anyone does it properly anyway so we’ve just got to live with the virus and all be responsible.

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.