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Joe Lau Good intentions but flawed idea. Dogs, like humans and Believe bigfoot hiking forest shirt water, move through a path of least resistance. Once generated these seeds will grow into mature trees that block a natural drainage and navigation path for humans and animals through a forest. Robin Monroe That is a feel-good story – but it isn’t all the practical or helpful. For example, evergreen seeds need to go through a stratification process to break the dormancy of the embryo; and many other steps. Seeds simply are sown in the wild without the stratification process which can take months in a cold room or refrigerator below 45 degrees; have a very low germination rate.

Believe bigfoot hiking forest shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

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Chris Pokorny Are we forgetting that forest fires are a Believe bigfoot hiking forest shirt natural occurrence under the natural circumstance and that fact that when wood burns it makes ash and charcoal witch is some of the best natural occurring fertilizer for trees and forest plants and that after forest fires the forest grows back some times better than how it was before looking at the forest on volcanoes there some of the biggest thriving forests in the ash and charcoal rich soil. think Derek West Great idea well-done ladies, environmentally friendly way of planting.BBC

Forget all the negative comments, its easy to find fault in anything, Well done..Sandesh Lal Build with artificial waterways by your bulldozers easily. With your supervision power. May it only level grounds, but it can made valleys and protect from wildlife and plant more trees like make for paper industries. I mean see here a massive success and protect and develop your environment “However, the Highest does not live in houses made by human hands. As the prophet says. John Hughes Why so negative. Seeds take time to germinate. If dropped in a drainage path they will be washed away. And having dogs all my life they will run around randomly especially if you walk off the beaten track. Put some thought into your comments. Stay safe xxx


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