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Income inequality, gun violence, and a broken justice system have led to Bernie Sanders Eat The Rich Shirt very angry and deprived generation. When most of the developed world has a right to health care and higher education, we feel that we too should have that right. Top-down economics has ruined our economy for years and its time for a change. The justice system is broken and biased. Gone are the days of innocent until proven guilty. Racism and bigotry are dominating our government and should be checked immediately. Nonviolent offenders are serving multiyear sentences, overcrowding the prison system and becoming dependant on the state or federal government for assistance. We need to take a look at our system, stop imprisoning nonviolent one-time offenders, and start working toward rehabilitating them.

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Then there is Bernie Sanders Eat The Rich Shirt care and education. As education becomes more expensive it furthers the divide between the elite few and the rest of us. We have become slaves to the government and student loan programs. Healthcare cost is ridiculous in this country and has been for quite some time. If I need my life to be saved I should not be in debt for the next 5-10 years of my life because of it. This should be a public service much like the police and fire departments. If someone wants to go to a private physician for “better” treatment that should be available as well. I find Sanders’ statement to be appalling. White people also suffer from poverty in this country. Just look at the Deep South! However, the most appalling thing about it is how he’s pandering to minority groups. He knows he needs to get minority support that currently goes to Clinton. But this seems to be a poor way to get it I’m pretty sure nobody’s buying it.


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