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Sara Bellemore This is so awesome! I knew when Jamie when I lived in Alberta. Always the adventurer!Nikolay Ouzounov Great idea. This guy is lucky to Best American dad ever American flag glasses shirt have such a father. Reminds me somewhat of ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ where a father and a son go on a motorcycle trip to strengthen their bond and learn more about each other. Rachel Trombly, This is a good example really, even employed on a smaller scale. When you’re making memories with your kids, they’ll be there and they’ll be present. And it’s a good time, at 18, to really bond with your newly adult child. Like a coming of age thing. They get to know you from a different perspective. I think it’s awesome. Good on them.

Best American dad ever American flag glasses shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

tank top
v-neck t-shirt

The Best American dad ever American flag glasses shirt

Susan Elaine Whatever works. My parents would have just taken it away and said “Deal with it. You get it back when you can be responsible”. LOL! But, my parents couldn’t afford trips to Mongolia. It seems a Best American dad ever American flag glasses shirt bit over the top. Nicola McCall Not as adventurous as this but… We took our son to Vietnam to get him off his phone in the summer. Worked too! Lea Marie Lucky kid! I hope he appreciated it! That’s high on my list and would crush me if I was his dad and he just complained about not being near WiFi.Alex Currie Good on him! I spend far to much time on my phone. I think this is good, ( although a little extreme! ) He’s showing his son there is more to this world than sitting in a corner watching YouTube. Far too many kids these days spend too much time inside on their phones.


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