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Now let’s arrest the other cops that stood by and fix the Best dod dad ever American flag shirt charge for the cop that actually murdered him. 2nd-degree murder. He knew what he was doing. That poor man. Called for his mum apparently, which breaks my heart. How could they not see what they were doing was wrong. It was cold-blooded murder, I keep looking at the policeman’s body language, its sickening. One hand in his pocket, totally relaxed, whilst choking the victim with his knee. He’s so blaze’ and unfeeling. A cold wicked murderer with a policeman’s badge! I felt so much pain while watching the video, when he called out for his mama, I felt that. I don’t understand why that policeman kept his knee on his neck even after he wasn’t responsive. My prayers to his family and I hope we can treat each other better. Still can’t believe the first autopsy report on George Floyd lists possible intoxicants as a cause of death, it either is or it isn’t and no medical professional writes that. This was the perfect moment for Trump to redeem himself (albeit slightly), by finally being presidential.

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All he had to Best dod dad ever American flag shirt do was stand up like a man, denounce the murder of George Floyd in no uncertain terms, and call for peace and unity. Instead, he sat in his bunker and tweeted yet more hatred and division. I knew his presidency would be a disaster, but I genuinely had no idea just how horrific it would be. I hope the other officers get charged with something too!

How can they stand back and allow that to happen?! The man was totally defenseless, his hands cuffed and police knee on his neck. He couldn’t do anything to defend himself from the pain he was feeling apart from calling his mom. For a grown man to call Mom for help, it’s not easy. The man gave his last breath in a very painful way from a fellow human.

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