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Now, it would be so wrong if I start comparing comics of today to the Best Of 1970 50th Birthday shirt which were released in the 90s and calling the ones released today to be the “Best Raj Comics story of all time”. A lot of people would get offended! Especially the ones who grew up in that era, cherishing those gems. You see, nostalgia is a strong feeling and its difficult to overcome, but nevertheless, I am here to share my opinion. What you just read happens in the first few pages from the first comic of this series! If this isn’t epic, then I don’t know what is! This series is on par with some of the best Japanese manga.

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Best Best Of 1970 50th Birthday shirt

The storytelling, the Best Of 1970 50th Birthday shirt, the dialogues, it’s all beyond amazing! Here are a few glimpses of artwork from the series which I find truly mesmerizing and awesome! I really liked the lectures published by Douglas Crockford on YouTube and he also published a very good book. If you already know about him then awesome and FYI he is the creator of JSON and contributed a lot in the development of JavaScript. In initial lectures he mentioned the book ‘JavaScript- The Definitive Guide’ after reading it I believe it was one of the best books I came across. He also published a great book ‘JavaScript- The Good Parts’ which has implicit information. Also for technical stuff do follow O’Reilly publications they are the best with the content and flow. You will gradually pick up the pace and understand all inner details.


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