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Quinta Jurecic and Benjamin Wittes write. He is incompetent and dangerous. A majority of us Americans despise him and will hopefully vote him out soonNick Campbell It tells us that US Government is no longer an entity that works for the people, rather than the people work for the US Government. Greed is the BGSU Falcons United We Stand shirt real virus. And social distancing isn’t going to cure it. Steve Simon, It tells us that the US has the best health care (sick care) system in the world. Oh, and the people have nice healthy immune systems to resist the virus. Tory Welch This author is the tribal partisan hack he detests. He may as well have written this article months ago, he decided he hates this country long ago.

BGSU Falcons United We Stand shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

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Best BGSU Falcons United We Stand shirt

Tell me that I am right, very right! Rosanna Monterosso Not a reality TV show anymore That is how he governs. My heart breaks for all the Americans that want better than this president even more now than ever. Matthew Willcocks It tells us that the United States clearly would have been more than ready for the Coronavirus if it didn’t have a screaming whelp like Trump at the helm. Dela River He’s doing the best he can. And we need to do the best that we can. We’re Americans we will get through this and be great again. Marvin Gonzalez, tells us that people and the BGSU Falcons United We Stand shirt government will be impacted by this pandemic. Chidon Franklin Everything will be fine, people of the world united are stronger, we are one nation from now on ❤ greetings from Italy ??


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