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As you can see here the Bi witch bisexual LGBT shirt liberal media, tell these people what to think. And they follow along. Not much common since left. I think we have so many on welfare and there think they will have to get a job, and to be fair they’re not many jobs out there this day. And what they can’t see is that it is the government we now have that put them there. Ouch. I’m sorry you guys feel like you have to step on each other’s rights and ignore some of your individual issues as minority groups in America for a “bigger picture”. I sincerely do wish you had better choices within an increasingly Christian conservative party. None of you are bad people with bad views. I just feel awful you have to fight major parts of your identity to accept your candidate.

Bi witch bisexual LGBT shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Bi witch bisexual LGBT hoodie
Bi witch bisexual LGBT ladies-tee
Bi witch bisexual LGBT tank top
tank top
Bi witch bisexual LGBT v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

My opinion by observation. I don’t think there is a Bi witch bisexual LGBT shirt room for FEAR STRATEGY. Hillary Clinton believes in God. She can be a great president. We need to pray for our next President since we can’t vote for Obama again. How about that?Because portraying him as racist by taking his comments out of context only makes him look racist by the liberal media that is trying to get Clinton elected. The only people that are calling him racist are hardcore liberals or people that are easily influenced by liberal media. BTW, I’m not even a Republican. I’m a moderate and a former journalist that’s just calling it like I’m seeing it.

Win-win for trump unfortunately even if he loses the pathological narcissistic liar has already gotten more publicity then he ever dreamed of. And let’s face it when it comes to Donald duck its all about me me me me me… No one in this chart knows what racists are. Yours allow blocking any individuals for whatever backgrounds there from coming into the USA if feel group threat until you resolve that problem. We have bigger issues than LGBT rights… like gun rights. Just recently in Orlando, someone killed lots of people in a gay nightclub – what?


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