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Once you’re out of the house and they have retired, your parents will buy white carpets and new furniture because there are no longer Big devilie energy shirt around to trash them. They will spend down their fortune with the goal of living luxuriously in their old age and leaving you nothing to inherit, so if that’s what you’re thinking, forget it. Asked a male friend that if he uses the toilet to please not piss on the floor and leave it. He had done it quite a few times at this point, and he didn’t drink alcohol (so it wasn’t a drunken miss).

Big devilie energy shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

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My mom is cheating on my dad. I told my dad about it. My mom is  Big devilie energy shirt and she said they’re fighting because of me. She said that I should say goodbye to my college next year. Did I do the right thing? What should I do?
The one thing you need to know. They are not fighting because of you. They are fighting because of HER. She is the one who did the bad thing. She is the one who is trying to shift responsibility to you. You did the right thing by telling your dad because your mom was being deceitful.


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