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Most don’t understand music . to be a good rapper it is more than Big Sean God is my source shirt, versus Storytelling, substance a range of things ..most big Sean songs while he has good lyrics like the bulk of rappers he doesn’t rap about anything important. Rap doesn’t stand for anything anymore it sucks for the most part. Just something to play loud In the streets. People don’t care what they listen to for the most part boy how times have changed. anybody can make music now. Rip to real music. They bite the victim and insert their mouthparts, inject the contents of their stomach into the victim and then suck blood as food. It is the second part that infects the victim with malaria or any other disease that the mosquito is carrying from previous meals.

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Kendrick Lamar is a Big Sean God is my source shirt, his style is a raw, true hip hop style reminiscent of Pac. His albums are complex and well thought out. Even getting studied in classrooms around the U.S Cole is one of the best lyricists in the game. He can put out album after album; single after single; feature after feature consistently. More laid back style but still spits hard when he wants to. A great storyteller reminiscent of Biggie, and has gone double platinum multiple times with no features. Now Drake. Drake is the most famous out of all of these rappers. This doesn’t mean his talent is better than them, I believe he wouldn’t last beef with either Cole or Kendrick. BUT he can make a banger, he is definitely in the Pop Rap genre, He controls every summer with rap AND R&B. Will you PLEASE stop asking these stupid questions. Chora please stop printing them. All you need to do is ask Google. That is where I get most of my info from. Or I have read their biographies.



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