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With these discoveries, there is a chance our great-grandsons will marry women from other universes. With all this complexity involved, anyone who believes or says there isn’t life on any Planet apart from Earth can argue with himself. Well, no need to worry. Why? It’s 390 million light-years away. So basically it happens 390 million years ago. We only detect it now because of the travel time from the Big uterus energy shirt light. It’s all in the past. Hopefully, I pray that the massive amount of force won’t give the flat earth theorists something to celebrate. , I’m in a bunker somewhere right now! So this happened so many million years ago.

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Watched a Video ‘Brain cox’ did. Basically in a supermassive long time from now. The universe will be completely empty dark vacuum of nothing ‘Absolutely Nothing’ Not even dust, Not even Atoms. Nothing & even time eventually become Irrelevant.
But right now it’s Friday. Are even scientists confused over black holes, imagined release of energy from massive black holes, and release of energy after Big Bang which they never could have witnessed or done hey simulate one, when? Earlier this morning I experienced a huge release of energy emanating from a supermassive black hole that left a big dent in my toilet bowl. Jason Grainger All those courageous souls saying this story is nonsense is Big uterus energy shirt  correct, but not because the universe is only a few thousand years old. They’re right because the biggest bang since the big bang is what I gave all their mums last night.


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