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Bill gates can’t and should not be trusted to tell the Bill Gates Say NO to the Prick shirt time in a clock factory, so long us bill gates, Rockefeller, and Rothschild are involved it’s not good for humanity no matter how the media they own sugar coat it, let’s not give our powers away just because we are scared. Such a great man. I’m so proud that my husband works for Microsoft. The company still has wonderful values. These remarks are astounding.  America has a real problem.vIs he the most influential person of the past 100 years. Almost singlehandedly spearheaded the tech consumer revolution and is now committed to empowering the poorest people in the world. There couldn’t have been a better time to step down. Microsoft’s stock wouldn’t suffer any significant loss on the back of this information because the coronavirus pandemic is taking center stage in the minds of investors. I’m surprised it took him that long.

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It’s a shame he hasn’t started his own pharmaceutical company he could produce his own vaccines for the Bill Gates Say NO to the Prick shirt rest of the world rather than relying on overpriced other companies to help his charities. Many other absurdly rich people don’t, they hoard huge wealth in offshore banks and live in opulent luxury whilst we argue about raising the minimum wage so that single parents can afford rent.

Bill is one of these individuals as well as Warren Buffet who can actually be the brains and production team that can help with this pandemic we’re facing. This kind of thing must be happening throughout the industry and the new boys just haven’t got a clue e.g. 1. Microsoft update Windows 10 fails and leaves computer inoperative 2. YouTube puts adverts in the middle of the video, I just immediately stop watching the video and often leave YouTube. The cleverness has gone.


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