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I’ll start by naming the family, well call them the Robinsons, there’s Billy Bob loves Charlene signature shirt the father A the daughter (my friend) B and the son (W). Now the Robinsons moved houses while I was friends with B. They used to live walking distance from my house, and moved farther away. The moved to a home with a pool, a large backyard, a hot tub, and a whole side deck for planting. It was a huge upgrade, and boy did they flaunt it. I live in a similarly sized home with a pool as well (which I will add that I’m very grateful to be able to live as such), B would constantly compare our homes when I came over. Making fun of my mother’s chosen decor and instead of pointing to how hers was so much better.

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When I was in her Billy Bob loves Charlene signature shirt she’s shown me all of her cool new things and her awesome bedroom and tell me how much better hers was. Those were some little immature things, but I had several incidents with the mother, J that truly I cannot express how disappointed I am. I suppose that each incident on its own was not so horrible, but the fact that I tolerated behavior like this (and so many other stories I can’t even get into) for so long makes me feel like a nincompoop. The mother did this several times when I would come for dinner. I would also go over to their house and if either of the children got in trouble, instead of issuing punishment and stating it later I was forced to go home, which was also a huge inconvenience to my mother.


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