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Im wishing all the Black queen vintage shirt Royal Family a wonderfully peaceful Christmas, they sooo deserve it, under so much scrutiny can’t do right for doing wrong, there isnt a family in the UK who can’t associate the troubles they have…. we dont have every movement reported on ….how hard that must be… I wish them as I wish everyone in the UK the best Christmas can offer, Peace and Goodwill..Wow, thank goodness for that, I have had so many sleepless nights wondering if they’ll be OK and get their winter grant. I do so hope the rest of the family will be alright too. Please keep us all informed, I’m on the edge of my seat…if they need some money to help them through winter please please let me know. Wonderful that the Queen and Prince Philip are setting an example to us all. I do hope people who are considering breaking the covid rules will follow our royals! Meanwhile, homeless on the streets, many lost jobs, businesses. Food banks increasing, many alone at Xmas. While they are in a massive castle with luxury, food, and servants. Great news Good they shouldn’t be traveling anyway especially at their ages at least their staff will get to spend Christmas at home with their families instead of looking after them think it’s sending g the right message as there will be many oap on there own at.

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Xmas, plus with facetime, etc, she can see her grandchildren and Black queen vintage shirt great-grandkids too, if she does her speech live it would be nice and she has St George’s Chapel three so no need to leave the groundsNoting we need to know about I suppose if they are spending Christmas on the toilet with a dose of the runs you are going to tell us that as well?

Ridiculous who cares god you,s are all dig digging at them they bring alot of money into this country, they didnt bring the bloody virus so shut up keep safe and then you, ll see next year and be with me all your family. If we were at war would that be their fault too? No. Grow up u lot.


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