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Apologising for not being sufficiently dark-skinned? Black trans women taught me shirt I thought it’s all about capturing the soul of the character, looking way beyond the colour of the skin.  Isn’t the idea of a good actress to play a character..To adapt to the part .. nothing to do with colour.. the makeup and special effects are used. If this is the case all actors need to apologise… And real aliens are needed to play themselves.. world’s gone mad. Good. Now she should apologize for not letting a real Moragian play Gamora and Marvel should remake GotG/Infinity War/Endgame to correct this issue. The hyper-political correctness is just getting bizarre an actress or actor portrays another person: what’s important is how well they do that. My Gawd. She’s an actress! She played as green thingy in the Guardian of the Galaxy & Avenger and Shrek and his race were not offended.

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Stop apologizing to Black trans women taught me shirt these irrationally sensitive people who get offended with anything! Colourism in this context is like a slim person given the role of a large person to play and then dressed up to look like a large person, yet there is a severe under-representation of large people in the industry. If you don’t understand colourism then do us all a favour and educate yourself first before airing your silly opinions on the matter!

I’m not sure what she is apologizing for. Is she apologizing that another actress who was more black than her should have played the role? Or is she apologizing for not letting a better actress play the role? This is such a stupid idea to apologize because you weren’t the right nuance of black. Was the film any good? She should be apologizing for that instead. This “black” movement is getting absurd and it’s slowly becoming a circus.


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