Black women are dope shirt




Voting should be based on what is expected to  Black women are dope shirt be human. How sympathetic we are to human suffering. Our actions in the face of disaster. They do it with all demographics as if they are all the same. Women, seniors, boomers, millennials, Christians, etc. We’re not back in time no more get over it where In 2020 One vote for all. The best way to lose the Black Vote is to keep calling it the Black Vote instead of just the Vote. It’s 2020, and it sickens me that we have moved backward. I lived through the desegregation era, and we were moving forward! This is an insult to everyone involved during those times.

 Black women are dope shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

Black women are dope shirt
Black women are dope shirt
Black women are dope shirt
tank top
Black women are dope shirt
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What I don’t get is the whole “Black Vote” discussion to Black women are dope shirt begin with? Where was the “Black Vote” 20 or 30 years ago? Voting booths weren’t segregated back then. Only now since 2008. Take it as you want, but the Democrats are the ones who re-segregated this nation and everything in it. We ALL have been doing just fine until now. There should be a person to go around to senior citizens’ apartment and explain the new voting rules and what they need to do before they vote!

The Democrats are the only one that uses terms like that, so do Republicans and everyone else. So much of the  Black women are dope shirt media portrays us a mindless sheep looking for a leader to tell us what to do. Ah! “The black vote” I’m not an American but I suspect that term right there is the source of the problem. Color coding votes? Is waaaaay past its the sell-by date? Does everybody have to fit in a certain box these days aren’t people just people and don’t we all want the same from our political elite, stop lying to us and make our lives better not just yours?BBC


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