Blame it all on my roots shirt


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Dave Pioli this is the Blame it all on my roots shirt best safest move Biden can make… Duckworth is the only one that has military service.. so many Americans are wrapped in on a person, thats Duckworth. She is also she isn’t a lightning rod, cant gives the GOP any room to attack her..Dawna Molton I’d be immensely proud to have her as VP of our country.  David Tate Well, she has more experience in service to her country than Trump does. Kathy Ortega, I’d rather it’s not her. She’s had some ethics issues, the staff I believe, in the past. Val lemmings or Kamala would be better.

Blame it all on my roots shirt, Hoodie, v-neck-tee-shirt, ladies-tee and tank top

Blame it all on my roots shirt
Blame it all on my roots shirt
Blame it all on my roots shirt
tank top
Blame it all on my roots shirt
v-neck t-shirt


Adam DiMartini I love her, but for now, I want her in the senate. We need her voice there. For now… 2028 (maybe 2024). Martin Felipe Lamas, I think that it would be a mistake. There is a real possibility that the vice president could take over the presidency. If that happens and since she was not born in the US. It would create a Blame it all on my roots shirt problem. David Hubal As a veteran I would gladly accept her as my vice president. Time we veterans again have representation in the officeNana Neuro Nyarko I thought the constitution of the United States of America only permitted persons born on American soil or to American parentage to be President and or vice.

Romulo Gaylo Sorry…with due respect to the senator…the optics is just weak. In this time of the pandemic, Americans will elect a dynamic, fighter, and strong leaders. Connie Paschall Well, I‘ll be voting for his VP pick anyway. Let’s hope he doesn’t screw it up with a Sarah Palin mini-me. Out of all the worthy female presidential candidates why we have to marginalize one to a VP position and nominate another old white man is beyond me. Steve Dolman Thank you for your service.  God bless you.BBC


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