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Regardless of the Blood hand native American indigenous shirt outcome of the impeachment, he will face civil lawsuits for his role in the invasion, as soon as he leaves office.  I Just cannot believe there are still people in the USA that think Trump can survive this and come back in 2024, he will probably be in Prison where he Deserves to be. I stand with President Trump, our constitutional Republic and I am not one bit ashamed to say it!  Might as well permit to shoot anyone anytime and tell them you can go home as nothing happens.Beyond beggar belief. Democrats are only after Trump they dont care about Americans, they are not making America great but enjoy dividing America. The world is watching as Biden battle Trump when North Korea is ready to destroy America with ballistic missiles.  Just another waste of taxpayer’s money. Like the last one. We have two political parties that control everything in our government. Each fights the other for power.  He has literally done more good for our nation than any other president in the last 40 years. What you are seeing now, is what happens when a good person refuses to kneel to corruption.  It is sad and disgusting.

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Best Blood hand native American indigenous shirt

Eyes on the Blood hand native American indigenous shirt ball democrats. I doubt the president is running scared this disaster has been fueled by the Democrats from day one not once has any of them supported the president when he got the economy back on track lowest unemployment ever, got us out of ridiculous deals with other countries, was able to get the vaccine rapidly if anyone should heal this country it starts with them.

Trump has demonstrated the slippery slope that takes a democracy into a dictatorship. Adolf did it, Franco and Mussolini, before him. Stalin and Kim all Megalomaniacs, and Donald fits the pattern, same bombast, and dogma, same objective, totalitarianism.


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