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We need to Blood is a very special juice shirt quit accepting Autism as the new normal. If we celebrate Autism we celebrate the Corporate polluters that just view us as cash cows. There is no excuse for chastising or making fun of those with Autism, I agree, what I am saying is we shouldn’t be just accepting Autism, the condition, we need to make sure fewer and fewer children are born without Autism. Ciaran Miles-Austen, if you normalize something it takes away the ability to use it as a weapon. Did they include the patent who didn’t parent to yeah social behavior and just relied on a bogus diagnosis? Or is the character a nonverbal idiot savant autistic who doesn’t make much for tv? I used to teach autistic children and mentally challenged children. Thank you, my son has Autism and the amount of awareness there is in Australia is poor at best. Hope this helps spread the word.

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Blood is a very special juice ladies-tee
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Blood is a very special juice v-neck t-shirt
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Wrong suggests they are bad, something to Blood is a very special juice shirt be scared of and they’re not. Sesame Street usually does well in this arena. Snuffy is a heroin addict. This will be a good addition. It will be hard to portray this well. They effectively have to show a character that doesn’t quite understand social conventions without making fun of them and turning them into a joke, as in Big Bang Theory, Derek turns them into jokes.

The problem is understanding and empathy.  It’s their behavior, lack of making sense of certain situations, and being socially awkward that draws attention to them. If I hear a child in a supermarket apparently having a tantrum I don’t jump to conclusions that he/she is naughty or that the parent is useless.


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