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I really think this is a kick in the Books christmas tree shirt teeth for people working in retail, not only are they expected to put themselves at risk they now have to work for longer periods, insane, this is not worth minimum wage. Being an ex-retail worker all I can think of is the poor staff! But let’s hope they don’t just use and abuse the already underpaid & overworked existing staff and use this as an opportunity to employ people who may have been made redundant from other sectors this year! Most of us celebrate ourselves, indulging in gifts that we can’t afford, spending, eating, and totally overindulging most obscenely. So I will be celebrating Jesus, it doesn’t cost a thing to be thankful for everything we have. May God be with you all this Christmas. Put everyone on a Tier lockdown then have shops open 24 hrs over Christmas just to feed the economy is it really worth another Spike in the R rate and another 3 months lockdown.No respect for the brilliant supermarket staff who have kept going since March!

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Great payback from the Books christmas tree shirt Tories who show yet again that they have no bloody idea what they are doing. Looks like this virus is getting into the Christmas spirit by not infecting anyone shopping for presents or meeting up over the Christmas period, it’s like it’s called an armistice and I fully expect to hear silent night in the air around us…I mean come on they have families and children to take care of to and their mental health this is gonna exhaust resources and humans alike not to mention.

I feel I’ve been isolating and not seeing my children and grandchildren for nothing. This is absolutely crazy, everyone will be out shopping and then having 5 days over Christmas mixing with different bubbles, and come January and February we will be in another lockdown. This will be fantastic. I’ve hated that so many places close just as I finish my office job. I’ve never been able to do my shopping apart from taking time off or trying to do it at the weekends.

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