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Not even close. Only in never was land is Floyd (I fought my Boxer Minnie ear I love mom shirt record-breaking fight against a guy who had never been in a boxing ring) Mayweather the greatest boxer of all time. He also addressed the myopic claims that Mayweather and other fighters claim multi-division titles by grabbing one of the 85 alphabet titles available; What you’re talking about is two near-opposite states of the human brain, conscious and mostly-sorta unconscious; when conscious, it’s far easier to evaluate situations, communications, your immediate environment because you are conscious- that’s part of what conscious means. When you’re unconscious, by definition, you aren’t able to evaluate these things because, well, you’re unconscious.

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Floyd never Boxer Minnie ear I love mom shirt. Mayweather knocked out none of them. No- it really is. See, we don’t even know how sleep happens- I mean, we know about different phases and brain waves and stuff, but how our brain actually goes from conscious to a sort-kinda-almost-but-not-quite unconscious state still eludes us. And as far as waking up- that one’s a real puzzler- we haven’t got a handle on that one at all. They’re grumpy. They mumble, groan, don’t respond, grunt, slam the doors and huff- because their brain just isn’t making the transition to fully conscious easily- instead, it’s like an old car needing to get warmed up before it will move.


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